Landscape Techne Volume Two:

California 2016-2018

A selection of 68 photographs, edited out of hundreds, into a catalogue of landscapes that I’ve researched for my next experimental film, Tumbling at the speed of rotation. It will be the second film in a series of three beginning with Driving at the speed of the Nordic sun (2015).


6” x 9”, 146 pages, hardcover.
Limited edition of 100. Signed and numbered.
Currently only mailing to the US, postage included in the price.


If you would like to have it in time for gifting this holiday, the deadline to order is December 1st.

Hardcover $80 ︎

Individual prints from the book are available.
Chromogenic print on Kodak matte paper
11” x 20”, Edition of 100 per landscape, $120 ︎
7” x 12”, Edition of 500 per landscape, $60 ︎
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